Q: Dalila literally has reached queen status in like 10 seconds. "I'm sorry that all of you guys are ugly." #iconic


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Watch it! BGC12 - Sneak Peeks - Episode 1212


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Q: soo happy that dalilah had the balls to tell em whats on her mind haha

Lmao don’t get me wrong it was fuckin hilarious! It was deff a badass and ballsy move. It just wasn’t very smart lol!

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she look like someone’s crazy ass mama who just found out her child got someone pregnant and she ready to beat some ass


No matter how tough Britt wants to be, she’s weak! Walk around wanting ppl to fight her. Who does that? She’s sad. Go home!

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Well then

This episode was pretty crazy I guess

Slim- she’s being pretty irrelevant. She keeps doing her I guess. Didn’t do much this episode as per usual

Loren- I’m definitely growing to like her more and more. She was sweet with her family and I like how she’s not engaging in petty shit anymore. She seems like she is really putting in a lot of effort to change and I give her props

Britt- she is just annoying as fuck like all she cares about is trying to fight someone I don’t get it. You say how much you miss your family but when they get there all you want to talk about is how no one will try you. I seriously don’t understand her mentality. I wish she would just leave already.

Redd- at the beginning of the episode she really just kinda gave me the feels. Like I understand a lot where the extraness and the need for attention comes from and as extra and annoying as she is I can still kind of sympathize with her. You could really get a good look I to how bad she is hurting inside and why. At the same time initiating
that fight with jada was really stupid and then trying to fight security like for what? I just don’t get that need for all eyes to be on you and look how cool I am and how bad I am because I can beat up this girl that is a quarter of my size. I’m glad to see her go but at the same time I wish she just would have tried harder like Loren does.

Jada- I feel bad for jada like especially with all the shit with redd. I don’t get why redd feels like she has to pick on her and push her for no reason especially when jada has made it clear how hard she is trying to change and that she doesn’t want to fight and doesn’t want to argue. I’m glad she holds her own I just wish she didn’t have to.

Jonica- I liked her again this episode I wish she didn’t do all that talking shit behind reds back but I guess it is what it is. Her mom is fucking gorgeous btw.

Aysia- again I really liked how much you got to see inside her and her family issues and why she is the way she is. Her story with her dad made me sad you can tell he’s a difficult man. I really like aysia and I relate to her the most especially on that level.

This was a good episode I thought I’m glad it was longer but the editing on that fight was the worst fucking one yet it really pissed me off. Like damn why do they have to do that I don’t understand. I’m excited for the next episode lol Delila seems like a fucking moron like how you gonna walk into that house and tell all the girls they’re ugly and expect to not get knocked the fuck out?!? I guess she must be pretty drunk lol.

Come talk to me about the episode pleaseee!!!! Who are your faves and what did you think about redds departure?!


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Oooooh shit….ya’ll that producer is kinda fine tho

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