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Tanishia speaking the truth for once I’m happy to see her host this reunion good for her like damn

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This is not a Bad Girls Club reunion. It’s just a behind the scenes and a waste of my time.

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Q: do you know what slim said about blow jobs or something???everyone is saying that but I don't remember it

Nah I think honestly she was prolly in the house taking about sex all the time that they didn’t show but I’ve seen every episode and I don’t really recall her talking about blow jobs. I know she fucked her boyfriend a lot in the house but like good for her. Besides blu and aysia that was pretty much the only action going on in that house so who cares if she like blowing her boyfriend. I do too.

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Reunion pt 1 thoughts

I wish they didn’t waste our time with the meet ups em but it is what it it is I guess.

Aysia- i still really like her and I understand her point of view with the whole triangle but at the same time she has to own up to the fact that she knew blu and diamond were a thing. At the same time though what’s going on between diamond and blu is blus responsibility to deal with not hers and I feel like it’s stupid when people call her a slut and a hoe like no if anyone is the hoe it’s obviously blu. Aysia might be dumb for putting herself in the middle but she’s not in the relationship with diamond and she doesn’t owe her anything it’s blus responsibility and if diamond shoulda hit anyone it shoulda been blu. I feel bad for aysia but she is still cute. She followed blu around in a way that was kinda pathetic but in the house she stood up for herself when it mattered and I think she is a sweet girl. Diamond obviously snuck her.

Jada- you be you girl and don’t let that hillbilly meth head intimidate you. She shouldn’t have really put herself in the middle of the blu drama but on the other hand she was calling blu out on her bullshit and protecting aysia so props bitch

Blu- you’re so annoying now. Lie seriously I was hoping you would do something at the reunion that would make me like you again but you’re like the biggest disappointment in bgc history. Why you gotta lie about you and aysia when the truth just played out on screen over your head. Bitch bye

Loren- she looked hella cute and I’m glad she’s just being chill so far and being above it all and not trying to fight anyone but im not sure that’s how the rest of the reunion is gonna play out.

Raesha- I think you’re cute and funny but we didn’t get enough of you to form a real opinion on

Britt- see my last post. Go away

Redd- stop trying to fight aysia like damn aren’t you over it by now. I really like the story with her and her dad and how they made amends but that’s as far as it goes and I don’t like her.

Slim- whatever maybe you can do something remotely redeeming but I’m still over you for now.

Dalila- respect for coming to the reunion. Sorry you prolly get your ass kicked again but the good news is people like you way more than Britt who was there practically all season so you do you girl

Diamond- wtf are you doing there? I could see you maybe showing up if you and blu were together but you’re not so bye.

I normally don’t roll with tanishia and all her bull shit and food jokes but in the next episode she is spitting some serious truth at slim!! Props bitch. Lay off the food jokes and be real more like that.

Blus mom- she’s just gorgeous and she needed a shout out. In dalias words black don’t crack honey. And honestly the fact that she’s all I don’t necessarily condone her liking girls but I love her and support her no matter what. Like I don’t agree with her not being so cool with the fact but I so respect her for being there for her children no matter what because with people not from our generation wheeee that wasn’t so accepted, I feel like all we need from them is acceptance and tolerance and love because they’re not used to it like we are. The fact that she’s still there for her kids and still loves them no matter what is all that you can ask for and I appreciate her for that cause we are really quick to judge (myself included) people from previous generations for their ignorance in the gay community and I feel like people like blus mom deserve the respect for still standing by her baby even though it’s not something their values include I’m drunk and shit but I just wanna say mad respect to blus mom for how she reacted to that news. And if you come at me saying I have homophobic shirty views on it fuck you cause Ive been with women and I’ve always been by the gay community and I feel like we need to practice what we preach and embrace some tolerance for people like her who aw genuinely trying. .

excited for next week when we get to see some action

Come talk to me about the reunion bitches!!!

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Can we talk about that cute ass gram cracker commercial with the gay couple though ❤️❤️

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I wish Britt pulled a Mimi and didn’t show up like seriously no one wants you there just so you can prove that you can beat up jada like big deal every one can beat up jada and guess what she still is badder than you cause she isn’t scared if any of you punk ass bitches so take a seat and go gain more weight and pretend you been going to the gym all this time ✋

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